About Me

Hello, my name is Cherry but some people call me by my real name Claire. I’ve always had a username online and even more so now because it annoys me how people can never spell Claire correctly. I do enjoy it when people call me Cherry though and yes this is great information for your brain isn’t it?

The quick lowdown on me

I was born on May 4th 1981
I live in the northwest of England
I love visiting Scotland and Denmark
I love all sorts of music these days but 80’s music ( especially Adam Ant) is at the top of the list
I love Marvel over DC and Deadpool and Wolverine are my favourite characters. Iron Man is my favourite Avenger
I am an amateur artist/photographer which you can see on my other website
I am a fan and supporter of Johnny Depp ( Don’t like that tell it to someone who cares)
I have battled through depression too many times to think about and still suffer from social anxiety down to things that happened to me as a teenager.
I’m a PC gamer I enjoy FPS and open-world games like Cyberpunk 2077 and GTA

and yeah that’s me really. I mean I could spend god knows how long writing something that would probably bore the life out of you so I’ll keep it short and sweet.

I’m sure you’ll learn more about me the more I blog.