I know I haven’t written anything here for months and won’t apologise like always. I honestly Just haven’t felt the want to write. I want to say I have been busy but I think I’ve just been wanting to enjoy my life. As you can see also went to Scotland and that’s my little walk around Cullen Bay which is one of my favourite places on the planet. I was going to put it on Instagram but it’s 7 minutes long as I didn’t want to edit it so if you watch it all thank you! I think we were very blessed with the weather that week in April it was warm with a cool wind. I think we were expecting rain which normally happens in Scotland but it was just right until like the last day and the sea fog rolled in. I love it there and hope to go again next year sometime (Was thinking of going elsewhere in Scotland but love it on the Moray Firth. I’ll be hopefully sorting out my photography website once I’ve done a few things on here.

Coming Up

So hopefully after this, I’m gonna start doing my collectables videos as you know it’s something I’ve been wanting to do I know I keep saying it but finally, the one thing I’ve had on preorder came in at the start of the month and I have yet to actually unbox it. I don’t know why I’ve waited so long to do this as I had to wait 9 months to actually get it. I will also do stuff about other collectables that I have as well. I’ve said it before I’m gonna be selling off most of my funko pops not that anyone seems to be buying on eBay at the moment but what can you do? I’m honestly thinking of setting up a shop on my other website so that I can just sell things there will be looking into it because it seems stupid not to if I want to take myself seriously as a photographer and artist among other things.

I’m also going to start making beaded jewellery again I actually miss doing it. I just have to tidy up my office and sort out all my beads and see which ones I can sell as I did start doing that on the dreaded Etsy which seems to have died a death due to dropshipping although granted I haven’t used it in years but I have noticed the comments of how bad it is these days.

So this is the plan of action. I’m looking forward to doing more on this website and it’s been too long, yes I have a fun July coming up but more on that later maybe who knows. Watch this space, my friends!

Till the next time