Last week I travelled across the UK to see some Hollywood vampire gigs in Manchester, London, and Glasgow and had the most fun than I have had in a while. The gigs themselves were in-your-face noise from start to finish, and I really loved the Jeff Beck tribute they did as part of the show as he passed ealiery this year.

But it was fun times indeed, and yes I’m not the greatest at explaining things, but I LOVED it. I’m a Johnny Depp fan, but I came out loving everyone in that band even more. It was also great hearing Johnny and Joe sing “Heroes” and “Can’t Put Your Arms Around a Memory.” They are probably two of my favourite songs from the Rise album, I know I’m totally rubbish at describing things, but you had to be there, and it was worth travelling for.

I hadn’t been to the O2 or the SSE Hydro in Glasgow. In fact, I’d never been to Glasgow before, so I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. I had been to London before, obviously, but just not to the O2, which was a great venue. I really wish I could go to London more often, but it’s just so expensive to get there and stay. However, I’m already thinking of going to Glasgow next year for my birthday. Manchester is a local venue for me, and I took my sister with me, and she enjoyed it just as much as I did.

I’ve left the setlist as you can see great tunes!

I have photos which I will go through and see if they are worth posting. They aren’t great but they are memories and I’m really glad I did what I did. I hadn’t done anything like this since I saw U2 in Dublin and Vienna and I was going to see HV in Berlin before the pandemic hit. I like travelling and I should really do more of it will have to see what the rest of the year brings really.

Anyway, I better post this before the end of the week or it’ll be two weeks ago and I’m not doing that. I will go through my photos over the weekend I have another post that I want to do as well. I’ve got a lot to say about not having Twitter in my life and hopefully, it’ll make more sense than this does. But yes life is getting good again I’m happy and that’s all that matters!

Till the next time

PS. The footer is broken I know I’ll sort that out tomorrow when I’m not half asleep!